Elizabeth Kapu'uwailani Lindsey expanded her early commitment to her people’s culture in Hawaii to the world. We are all better for it.

Capt. Don Walsh,
National Geographic, Ocean Elder

Dr. Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey has ventured through life clothed in her Hawaiian name, i kona inoa Hawaiʻi. Kapuʻuwai - heart, lani - righteous endeavors. 

Dr. Pualani Kanahele,
Hawaiian Elder and Educator

Dr. Lindsey’s vision for a better world has only just begun to be fully unleashed. Her potential to do good is enormous! If you think what she’s already done is fantastic or pick another superlative, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Ken Granville,
Co-Founder & CEO MindAptiv

Elizabeth’s insights into the timeless lessons of wayfinding provided critical unlocks to our team and will no doubt do the same for the broader audience.

Ashley Grice,
CEO BrightHouse, BCG Subsidiary

A unique and powerful human being very much needed in this world. I hope everyone gets the chance to experience her work.

Fabian Di Felice,
Founder of FDF Ventures

Dr. Lindsey generously shares her knowledge, experience, which inspires others to excel. To say she is the best is an understatement.

Sally Yeh,
President Sun Star Idea Exchange, Inc.

Dr Lindsey is nothing short of magic. The story of her Wayfinder life is an inspiration to me and it has been an absolute honor to move from introduction to project partner in what feels like one long conversation over the last few months. Like few before her, she constantly opens my eyes to the wonder that is humanity and our place on this earth. I look forward to challenging convention and helping her see her visions through for years to come.

Jaime Schwarz,
Metaverse Brandmark Patent Holder

When Dr Elizabeth Lindsey speaks it's impossible to not be immediately impressed by her level of attention to what everyone is saying. She has a profound ability to make people feel seen, heard, and understood. It's beyond anything I have seen before. She is eloquent, brilliant, engaging, and has a curious mindset which together with her acute question making abilities has the potential to reveal otherwise hidden truths in any conversation.

Nicolas Waern,
Digital Twin Specialist